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Michael Giannella - Original Paintings

Pathways #4

Pathways #4

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My abstract painting in the series "Pathways" is part of a larger exploration into how we many traverse various paths before reaching our destinations. It consists of an encaustic technique called accretion where multiple layers of wax are brushed on until a texture within the wax appears. The process took several hours, as each layer had to be carefully planned, worked and dried before the next could be applied. After around 50 or so layers, the desired texture was achieved

The idea behind Pathways is to capture and explore how each one of us take different paths throughout our lives, and though these pathways may differ from one another, they all lead to various destinations that are ultimately intertwined with one another. This painting is my attempt to communicate this concept through its use of color and shape.

As I was creating this piece, I wanted to convey an overall feeling of movement - with its vibrant colors lending itself to a sense of energy that can be felt when viewing it. I also wanted to evoke emotions such as joy and optimism for viewers; feelings associated with taking journeys towards life-changing opportunities or experiences that are around the corner. In addition, I wished for those who view this work to recognize that while we may walk different pathways throughout life, they all eventually lead us somewhere worth being at the end.


Product Specifications:

  • 18x18x0.5In wood panel
  • Comes ready to hang with all hardware attached
  • Black slim wood frame.


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