In The Studio

  • Encaustic Studio

    Work Area with electric griddles

    In my studio I use three electric pancake griddles that I use to heat my encaustic wax. Each color has it's own dedicated tin and brush. The cloth pins make a wonderful little handle that makes it easy to remove the tin from the heat as needed.

  • Encaustic Studio of Mike Giannella in New Jersey

    Wood Panels prepped and ready

    With encaustic painting you need to use a rigid substrate that is somewhat absorbent. Although there are many different substracts to chose from i favor wooden panels.

  • Encaustic Studio of Mike Giannella in New Jersey

    Paint supplies organized

    My studio can get very messy during a working session but i do love to keep my supplies and area organized whenever possible. Here you can see that i have all my colors in there own container.

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Encaustic Studio of Mike Giannella in New Jersey

Artist Palette

Sometimes i also use oil paint and cold wax in my work. This picture is showing my large glass palette i use to mixed colors with and my huge collection of tools including hake brushes and my tjanting tool to make lines of encaustic wax with.

Encaustic Hot Tools

Hot Tools

When working with a painting the visual artist must use heated tools like a torch, iron or heatgun to melt the wax and manipulate the wax to the desired effect. I never keep the flame in one place for too long. Most of the time its a light kiss of the flame just to help bond the wax layers together

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