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Michael Giannella - Original Paintings

Pathways #3

Pathways #3

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Pathways is an abstract encaustic painting series created by me, the artist. This series uses a unique encaustic technique called accretion, which layers and builds up colors, textures, and patterns over time to create fluid and dynamic images. Each painting in the Pathways collection has its own unique color combination in the background and foreground, with suggestions of pathways throughout the work. The work as a whole seeks to represent different pathways that we all traverse through life - sometimes paths intersecting and diverging at different points - with each painting hoping to provide a glimpse into our individual journeys.

The accretion technique utilized in this series adds texture and depth to the paintings, allowing viewers to explore a variety of colors and nuances within each piece. Additionally, there are subtle differences between each painting, showing how our pathways frequently shift even if they’re part of an overall pattern or journey. This artwork is not just about visual pleasure; it also encourages people to reflect on their own paths through life and consider how small changes can lead us down new roads for both good or bad outcomes


Product Specifications:

  • 18x18x0.5In wood panel
  • Comes ready to hang with all hardware attached
  • Black slim wood frame.
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