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Michael Giannella - Artist

Night Owl

Night Owl

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The charming and whimsical “Night Owl” animal wall art is sure to draw attention in any room it graces. This eye-catching piece presents an amusing encaustic painting featuring a festive owl dressed up like a bartender. The bright colors of red, green, and yellow in the background create an array of different liquor bottles that capture the playful spirit of the artist.

The painting brings up some humorous questions - when did the owl learn to bartend? What time does he work till? Who are his customers? - that inspire viewers to imagine the backstory of this fun and whimsical character. In addition, by inviting “Night Owl” into your space, you can add a pleasant atmosphere with its infectious boisterous spirit.

Not only is “Night Owl” aesthetically pleasing in its own right, it also has a textured base composed of various layers that adds additional depth and dimension to this unique piece. Its rich texture further enhances its vibrant playfulness created by the colorful background as it stands proudly at its center stage.

For those looking to create an environment full of whimsy and celebration, there is no better choice than “Night Owl” animal wall art. This captivating piece will bring delight and cheer to any space while still maintaining a subtle sophistication that makes it suitable for almost any setting.

Placement recommendation:

This painting gives the perfect pop of joy and energy to any space. Place it in your creative space for a boost or perhaps in the foyer to greet your guests. This playful piece will spark joy and jubilation in any space it adorns.

Product Specifications:

  • 12in x 12in x 1.5in
  • Encaustic on Wood Panel
  • Comes Ready to hang
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