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Michael Giannella - Artist

Mothers Warmth - Limited Edition Print

Mothers Warmth - Limited Edition Print

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Limited Edition Giclee Print

A limited edition giclee art print is a high-quality, museum-grade reproduction of an original artwork created using archival inks on professional-grade printing media such as watercolor paper or canvas. Giclée prints are highly sought after by art collectors due to their rarity, with each piece individually signed and numbered by the artist. This makes them a unique and valuable one-of-a-kind collectible. The process results in vibrant colors and crisp details that accurately replicate the look and feel of the original artwork. Additionally, they have superior longevity compared to traditional prints, as they don’t fade over time providing many years of enjoyment for the collector.

Limited Edition By Size:

8x8     - 50 prints will be made of this painting

10x10 - 50 prints will be made of this painting

12x12 - 50 prints will be made of this painting

14x14 - 50 prints will be made of this painting

16x16 - 50 prints will be made of this painting

18x18 - 50 prints will be made of this painting

Only 300 prints in total will ever be produced


Original Encaustic Painting Description:


Mothers Warmth is an encaustic painting collaboration between the artist and his beloved late mother. The original painting was of a beautiful garden landscape with a butterfly hovering above blooming flowers. The artist paid tribute to his mother by meticulously recreating her work and incorporating it into his own, creating something completely unique from both of them. This meaningful piece of art celebrates their combined creative abilities, as well as the love shared between the two.

The details of this painting are truly breathtaking. The artist carefully crafted the original painting, paying careful attention to every tiny detail in order to make sure that it accurately captured his mother's vision and style. The garden setting is full of vibrant colors and textures, from the bright petals on each flower to the soft tones used for the butterfly's wings. Even more remarkable is how each element in this artwork has been expertly incorporated together, combining to create a captivating tapestry of artistic expression.

Not only does this collaboration honor his mother's talent, but it also serves as a reminder of their special bond beyond the physical world. Mothers Warmth speaks to the lasting legacy that can be created through art-based projects such as these; works which will live forever in our hearts and minds and bring us joy every time we look at them.


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