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Michael Giannella - Original Paintings



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“Metamorphosis” is a captivating and mesmerizing encaustic painting that dives deep into the idea of complete inner transformation. This piece is inspired by the beauty of the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, with a newfound sense of purpose and desires. Similarly, when we go through powerful changes in our lives, we also experience personal growth as people in our metamorphosis. The colors of this piece are especially tranquil and calming, ranging from blues to hues of white.

This piece can be placed in a variety of different settings, from bedrooms to offices. Wherever you choose to put it, “Metamorphosis” will bring an atmosphere of peaceful contemplation and relaxation. It will become like a sanctuary for moments of reflection and inspiration where anyone can connect with their inner self and find clarity amongst life's ever-changing events. It will provide a source of solace during difficult times and comfort during any struggle or hardship one might go through in life.

The idea behind this painting has been around for ages - it inspires us to keep moving forward despite any obstacles that may arise. It encourages us to never give up on ourselves and continue to grow through each season no matter what the journey brings forth. This painting has the power to remind us that even though change is inevitable, our true essence will always remain intact within us through whatever form or shape it takes on throughout our lives.

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