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Michael Giannella - Artist

Meditations - Open Edition Print

Meditations - Open Edition Print

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Open Edition Print:

An open edition giclee print is a high-quality copy of an original artwork, made using archival inks on professional-grade printing media such as watercolor paper or canvas. It has bright colors and sharp details that look just like the original art. However, it is not signed or numbered by the artist and there are no limits on how many can be made, so they are not as rare or valuable as limited edition prints.

Original Encaustic Painting Description:


"Meditations" is an alluring encaustic painting that portrays the solemnity of Buddha in meditation. The subject is surrounded by a lush garden-like landscape, abstracted and made vivid through the use of intricate wax textures and vibrant colors of reds, oranges, and mulberry paper flowers. By adding this three-dimensional effect, the painting transports viewers to a world of harmony and peace emanating from Buddha's tranquil features down to the smallest details of his robe. All of these elements are brought together on a wooden panel measuring 24x24x2 inches. In the artwork, Buddha holds one of the mulberry flowers in his hand while his eyes are closed in deep meditation and contemplation.

The captivating beauty of this painting transcends time and space, speaking directly to its viewers' hearts and souls. It takes them on a spiritual journey filled with inner peace and serenity, granting any room with an atmosphere of tranquility upon its display. From its vivid colors to its detailed representations, this breathtaking piece invites onlookers to take part in a timeless moment steeped in solace. Meditations is sure to bring joy and positivity wherever it may be placed.


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