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Michael Giannella - Artist

Horizons - Limited Edition Print

Horizons - Limited Edition Print

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Limited Edition Giclee Print

A limited edition giclee art print is a high-quality, museum-grade reproduction of an original artwork created using archival inks on professional-grade printing media such as watercolor paper or canvas. Giclée prints are highly sought after by art collectors due to their rarity, with each piece individually signed and numbered by the artist. This makes them a unique and valuable one-of-a-kind collectible. The process results in vibrant colors and crisp details that accurately replicate the look and feel of the original artwork. Additionally, they have superior longevity compared to traditional prints, as they don’t fade over time providing many years of enjoyment for the collector.

 Limited Edition By Size:

8x8     - 50 prints will be made of this painting

10x10 - 50 prints will be made of this painting

12x12 - 50 prints will be made of this painting

14x14 - 50 prints will be made of this painting

16x16 - 50 prints will be made of this painting

18x18 - 50 prints will be made of this painting

Only 300 prints in total will ever be produced.


Original Encaustic Painting Description:

The horizon is a magnificent sight to behold, with the sun setting in the distance and vast stretches of land spread out before it. The sky is a myriad of colors - reds, oranges, yellows and golds all blending together in a kaleidoscope of beauty. As the hues move across the sky, they cast their shadows on the landscape below - mountains, hills and plains are illuminated by their warmth, providing an ethereal backdrop for the fading light.

The clouds glimmer in silver-white as they drift across the heavens, providing another layer of unique beauty to behold. As our eyes adjust to the darkness we can make out more details in this breathtaking landscape – trees outlined against an off white sky or far off towns glowing along distant ridges.

The artist draws lines in red and yellow wax to create a beautiful landscape of the horizon. The vibrant colors add to the sense of awe, as they contrast and combine with the warm hues of the sky. As the wax cools, it hardens into a brittle layer that has an almost textured appearance. The richness and depth of these colors provide a unique perspective on the wondrous sight that lies before us.

The artist uses a variety of strokes to convey different elements of nature – quick, zig-zag scratches capture the motion of wind; sharp curves represent mountain ridges; while gentle sweeps depict clouds and trees. Each line is carefully placed to evoke an emotion from the viewer, either joy or solemnity, and each color has been chosen for its significance in nature.

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