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"Crossroads" Drawstring Bag

"Crossroads" Drawstring Bag

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This stylish and ultra-durable drawstring gym bag is perfect for quick trips. Whether you're headed to the gym, store, beach or anywhere else, this bag provides a simple storage system that won't weigh you down. Constructed from 100% polyester and fully lined with black sheeting, this bag features a small zippered pocket on the inside for added convenience.

On the face of the bag, you'll find an original encaustic painting called "Crossroads". This vibrant and energetic piece infuses modern abstract art with lively colors and textures to create an impactful visual experience. The chaotic yet beautiful convergence of two worlds blends together vibrant hues with strong geometric lines for an unforgettable effect. A perfect choice for those who appreciate fine art, this eye-catching design will turn heads everywhere you go!

  • 100% Polyester
  • Fully lined with black sheeting
  • Small zipper pocket inside

Original Encaustic Painting Description:

Crossroads is an encaustic painting created by the artist that truly captures modern abstract art. It is a vibrant and energetic piece, packed full of lively colors and textures. The painting depicts the chaotic yet beautiful meeting point of two worlds, combining vibrant hues with strong geometric lines for a captivating visual experience.

The medium used to create this work is encaustic, which has been around since antiquity and consists of pigments mixed in beeswax and resin. This medium creates a vivid and lasting effect, as the wax helps preserve the colors over time. The painting itself measures 12x12x1.5 inches and features an array of bright colors including blues, greens, yellows, purples and reds.

It features an intricate pattern consisting of intersecting lines that are curved at times, creating a wave-like effect across the wood pane;. Its composition also includes swirls of warm tones that are carefully blended together to give it a unique depth and texture that adds to its already captivating visual impact. The subtle shades used in combination with bolder hues gives it an overall dynamic feel that leaves viewers entranced in its beauty.

Crossroads is a stunning work of art that perfectly captures modern abstract art through its exuberant use of color, texture and shape. It's an eye-catching piece guaranteed to make any room stand out from the rest. Additionally its use of encaustic makes it an exceptional example of longevity; viewers can enjoy this masterpiece for years upon years without any fading or deterioration in quality due to its wax preservation technique.

Original Encaustic Painting:

Original Encaustic Painting by Mike Giannella

 Painted by Mike Giannella on a 12x12x0.5in wood panel
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