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Michael Giannella - Artist

Cityscapes - Open Edition Print

Cityscapes - Open Edition Print

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Open Edition Print:

An open edition giclee print is a high-quality copy of an original artwork, made using archival inks on professional-grade printing media such as watercolor paper or canvas. It has bright colors and sharp details that look just like the original art. However, it is not signed or numbered by the artist and there are no limits on how many can be made, so they are not as rare or valuable as limited edition prints.

Original Encaustic Painting Description:

This beautiful abstract painting features an encaustic technique that creates a distinctive grid-like pattern of vibrant greens, oranges and streaks of white. Upon viewing it, one might be reminded of the roads and buildings that make up a cityscape. The artist has also incorporated black web-like fabric into the wax to add texture and detail to this captivating work of art. This "Cityscape" piece is sure to leave an impression in any interior setting and become the focal point of any home or office décor.

The colors used in this artwork are predominantly greens and oranges which give it its unique cityscape aesthetic that can be seen from afar or up close. Additionally, small white streaks bring out details in the painting that draw viewers' eyes towards the most intriguing areas.

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