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Michael Giannella - Artist



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"Billy", an encaustic painting by artist, Mike Giannella, features a comical depiction of a Billy goat wearing a t-shirt with his name proudly displayed on the front. His eyes are bloodshot red as he holds a joint in his mouth, from which billows out green smoke. The amusing image is sure to elicit laughter from any marijuana enthusiast.

The painting shines brightly with its vivid colors and intricate details. The whimsical pose of Billy adds charm to the artwork. The background is pitch black with the goat positioned front and center, emphasizing the contrast between the bright hues of his white fur and the smoky backdrop.

This encaustic painting is sure to make an interesting conversation piece due to its clever subject matter and entertaining visuals. This artwork shows us how creativity can help us rethink our attitudes towards certain topics while still invoking emotions such as joy or amusement through its powerful imagery.

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