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Michael Giannella - Original Paintings



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This 12x12x0.5in encaustic painting presented on a wood panel captures alluring views of an idyllic beach scene. An infinite expanse of deep blue ocean can be seen, leading up to the sandy beaches in the midground. There is also evidence of flourishing plants in the foreground, painted with an array of vibrant greens, yellows and reds that may be indicative of flowers or other vegetation. The sky above is an intense blue with some wispy white clouds adding to the splendor of this majestic landscape.

The tranquil beauty of this painting conveys feelings of serenity and peace from its picturesque setting. From its calming blues to its vivid hues, this artwork perfectly encapsulates the grace and grandeur of a pristine shoreline. All the elements together create a harmonious balance between the power and majesty of nature and the subtle charm that comes with it. This artwork is sure to bring any interior a sense of warmth and wonderment, making it a perfect choice for any home decor enthusiast looking for something special that will leave a lasting impression.

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