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Michael Giannella - Artist

Astro Chimp - Open Edition Print

Astro Chimp - Open Edition Print

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Open Edition Print:

An open edition giclee print is a high-quality copy of an original artwork, made using archival inks on professional-grade printing media such as watercolor paper or canvas. It has bright colors and sharp details that look just like the original art. However, it is not signed or numbered by the artist and there are no limits on how many can be made, so they are not as rare or valuable as limited edition prints.

Original Encaustic Painting Description:

“Astro Chimp” is an encaustic, hot wax painting that captures the essence of a child-like spirit. The vibrant colors, creamy textures and subtle gradients are reminiscent of childhood imagination and exploration. This whimsical artwork features a cheerful monkey with its content face frozen in time; inviting viewers to explore the possibilities of this character's journey. The white wax has been melted upon black, creating a delightful stippled texture which adds another layer of depth to the piece.

This captivating work of art compels its audience to take part in an imaginative world where anything is possible. What has brought this curious ape to his current location? Where will he embark on his next adventure? How will he return home safely? These unknowns create the perfect opportunity for the viewer to join this little monkey on his fantastic voyage into unfamiliar lands yet unknown.

"Astro Chimp" invites its viewers to share in a realm of creative freedom and joyous exploration - an experience that can only be found within one's inner child. From its unique textured surfaces, vibrant hues and delightful subject matter - this masterpiece brings forth feelings of nostalgia and curiosity - making it both a stunning conversation piece as well as an exquisite addition to any home or workplace decor.

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